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ITA Meeting Minutes 12/23/2018

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ITA Meeting Minutes 12/23/2018

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Iowa Taekwondo Alliance Meeting

Sunday Dec 23, 2018

Regular Annual Meeting (Teleconference)

Number: 712-775-8963, Code 516347

Called to order by Erin Carpenter at 7:00pm

Present: Erin Carpenter, Teresa Nickell, Mike Wickham, Justin Faiferlick, Chris Schear, Karen Collins, Amy Ratekin, Ryan Bishop, Anne Neumann, Scott Phelps, Mark Faiferlick, Brian Walsh, Ryan Yen, Jim Harp

Absent: Daniel Fath, Thomas Hawkins Jr

  • Approved previous meeting minutes from Sep 03, 2018.
  • Treasurer Report: Karen Collins. Sitting good at over $22,000 in two accounts. Made just over $4,000 in 2018. Income was $17,000, about $14000 from qualifier. Also seminars and membership and a small donation. Cost of qualifier was about $9,600. Rest of expenses about $3,300 for the year such as insurance and fees.
  • Election of Cabinet members – Unanimously Approved:
    President – Erin Carpenter – 2 year term
    Eastern Delegate – Teresa Nickell – 2 year term
    Central Delegate – Chris Schear – 2 year term
    Western Delegate – Anne Neumann – 2 year term
    Coach Representative – Mark Faiferlick – 1 year term
    Referee Representative – Mike Wickham- 1 year term
    Club Representative – Brian Walsh – 1 year term
    Kyorugi Athlete Representative – Skylar Kantaris – 1 year term
    Poomsae Athlete Representative – Ryan Bishop – 1 year term
  • State Championship/National Qualifier. Amy updated, date is Feb 23 at Iowa College of Higher Education. Referee seminar the night before. Mandatory medals were ordered from Vision. Once club is approved, USAT will put us on the new system for qualifier. Membership management system which is changing from Hangastar around Jan 3, 2019 to an app with membership, tournament integration, and ranking points.
  • Poomsae Pro software: Jim Harp / Amy Ratekin. As soon as enough Poomsae certified referees, we can use Poomsae Pro software.
  • Seminars: Ryan Bishop. Sat Jan 26 for sanctioned referee and Sun Jan 27 poomsae seminar at 9am-6pm at Amy Ratekin school. First  hours for color belts skills and drills, then black belts. Need to promote.
  • Daedo: Amy said Seth Wilson said USAT will be requiring Gen 2 for world class athletes even at qualifiers. Gen 1 for all rest. Master Faiferlick has software and hardware for 3 full Gen 1 rings. Faiferlick does have software for Gen 1, but not the hardware for Gen 2. Ryan B is checking into Gen 2 hardware for Farrell’s.
  • Final Comments: Erin will contact new board members. Think about what ITA can do for events, athletes, coaches, and referees. What can we do in the state to promote Taekwondo, seminars, projects, etc…
  • Meeting adjourned, no objections, 7:38pm    

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