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ITA Meeting Minutes 12/29/2019

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ITA Meeting Minutes 12/29/2019

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Iowa Taekwondo Alliance Meeting

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Annual Board Meeting (Teleconference)

Called to order by Erin Carpenter at 9:00pm

Present: Erin Carpenter, Justin Faiferlick, Chris Schear, Karen Collins, Ryan Bishop, Scott Phelps, Brian Walsh, Mike Wickham, Amy Ratekin, Skylar Kantaris, Taylor Gazzano, Jim Harp, Mark Faiferlick

Absent: Anne Neuman

  • Approval of Previous Minutes: No objections. Approved
  • Treasurer Report: Karen Collins. $26,997.35 combined in savings and checking. $4,738.17 net income for 2019.
  • Election: Nominations opened and closed. Since just 1 nominee for each position, no objections to electing each to the nominated postion. New board positions will take affect Jan 01, 2020.
    • President – Justin Faiferlick
    • Executive Vice President – Ryan Bishop
    • Vice President – Amy Ratekin
    • Treasurer – Karen Colins
    • Secretary – Jim Harp
    • Referee Representative – Mike Wickham
    • Coach Representative – Scott Phelps
    • Club Representative – Mark Faiferlick
    • Kyorugi Athlete Representative – Taylor Gazzano
    • Poomsae Athlete Representative – Alexis Redeker
    • Eastern Delegate – Not Filled
  • Not up for re-election:
    • Central Delegate – Chris Schear – 2 year term
    • Western Delegate – Anne Neumann – 2 year term

Positions effective Jan 01, 2020.

  • State Qualifier Update: Amy Ratekin. Feb 22 in Ankeny at Kingdom Hopes. All paperwork submitted to USAT. No response on approval or disapproval from USAT. Host hotel is Hampton Inn and Suites in Ankeny. Will order medals tomorrow from Vision.
  • Other: Karen Collins. Change of signatures at bank. Karen will get with Erin and Justin.
  • Meeting adjourned, no objections, 9:08pm.    

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