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ITA Minutes – 01/04/14

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ITA Minutes – 01/04/14

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Iowa Taekwondo Alliance Minutes

Saturday January 4 2014

Meeting called to order at 3:05 pm.
In attendance:
Erin Carpenter, Anne Neumann, Chris Schear, Jason Pak, Molly Conway, Belmina Cosic, Karen Collins, Scott Phelps, Tony Dillon-Hansen, Amy Ratekin, Lonnie Matthews, Brandon Miller.
Minutes read and approved as posted online.
Treasurer report: $783.67 (400 is reserved for IRS)
Old business
501c3 submitted on 31 Dec 2013
Letter for donation should be sent out and Treasurer
logo proposals should be emailed to people for viewing.
Cheapest cost factor 1500 for Des Moines – state fairgrounds 2200
USAT fee 250, medals at $5 per medal.
Recommended bank balance of 4000-5000 to cover costs
14 days after the tournament.
Need for media packet:
Solicitation brainstorming.
Using competitive pricing to lower price of medals
Proper use of logos
Move to have the committee build an action plan and solicitation packet (media packet)
Education scholarship discussion
Iowa High school discussion
Development track (work with beginners as well as Olympic athletics).
Discussion tabled
Adjourn 4:25pm
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