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ITA Minutes – 08/18/13

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ITA Minutes – 08/18/13

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Iowa Taekwondo Alliance Minutes 

August 18 2013


In attendance:
Erin Carpenter
David Carpenter
Alicia Ruiz
Tony Dillon-Hansen
Scott Phelps
Mike Wickham
Anne Neumann
David Bruce
Karen Collins
Amy Ratekin

Not in attendance:
Chris Schear
Brandon Miller
Ryan Bishop
Lonnie Matthews
Nick Messersmith

Meeting called to order at 6:01pm

By –Laws accepted as amended

Discussion regarding sending representatives to the USAT meeting in November. Erin offered to go and Tony offered to go along. Board voted that the two should go.

Discussion regarding actually having officers needed per the by-laws
Erin Carpenter nominated and voted as interim president.
Scott Phelps nominated and voted as interim vice-president
Tony Dillon-Hansen nominated and voted as interim secretary
Karen Collins nominated and voted as interim treasurer.

Amy Ratekin moved that Collins find a bank that serves throughout Iowa. Tony suggested a credit union to avoid fees. Alicia Ruiz moved to table, the motion was declined. Board voted in favor of Collins researching and sharing findings with board.

Tony offered to cover IRS filing fees, Mike seconded and the board voted to accept Tony recommended that we raise money via dues and there was discussion.

Tony suggested either club or individual dues as a way to raise money get people to put “skin in the game”.
Erin suggested not to do individual but likes the idea of club dues.
Mike suggested that athletes may not like the extra costs of another set of dues outside of tournaments and existing USAT dues.
Mike suggested with Scott to have a “rumble” to raise funds.
Tony suggested to have Mike run a referee seminar and Mike suggested that he would waive his costs to run such a seminar. Anne Neumann suggested that would be more opportunities to get more referees.
Then others offered to chip in to help raise funds
Anne Neumann offered 100
Amy Ratekin via Spirit TKD 100
Erin Carpenter suggested Ames Park and Rec would offer 100
Scott Phelps said his club would throw in 100
Alicia Ruiz offered 50
Mike Wickham offered 100

Mike moved to push the USAT application (cost is 200), Tony seconded. Board approved.
Master Voorhees sent a check for $100 already to help cover the costs of the application.

Nomination committee was formed: Alicia Ruiz, Tony Dillon-Hansen, Anne Neumann
Tony moved to accept, Anne seconded. Board approved.

Web and public relations committee: Tony Dillon-Hansen, Chris Shear, Mike Wickham

Fundraising/Events: Alicia Ruiz, Amy Ratekin, Dave Carpenter

Tony motions to adjourn, Scott seconded, board tabled.

Discussion regarding a possible Eastern Iowa Chair. It was noted that the by-laws make provision for delegates from regions rather than as co-chairs.

Discussion regarding next meeting options.

Anne motions to adjourn, Alicia seconded, Board approved.

Meeting adjourns at 7:49pm


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