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ITA Minutes – 09/05/13

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ITA Minutes – 09/05/13

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Iowa Taekwondo Alliance Minutes

September 5 2013

Regular meeting, via telephone conference.

Quorum noted and meeting came to order at 9:05pm

Ms Carpenter read the list of attendees.
In attendance:
Erin Carpenter
David Carpenter
Alicia Ruiz
Tony Dillon-Hansen
Scott Phelps
Mike Wickham
Anne Neumann
Karen Collins
Amy Ratekin
Chris Schear

Not in attendance:
Brandon Miller
Ryan Bishop
Lonnie Matthews
Nick Messersmith

Minutes of previous meeting were read and they were approved by the board.

Bank Account:

Master Collins lead report discussion about bank accounts.

Chris Schear motions to use Veridian Credit Union.

Vote was unopposed.

Amy Ratekin proposed that the signers on the account be the president and treasurer.

Several agree.

Tony Dillon-Hansen motions that the signers on the account be president and treasurer.

Vote was unopposed.

USAT Application

USAT application was sent by Erin Carpenter  but has not heard from any recipients of the application. USAT has many concerns for possible USOC sanctions and may consider our application a small matter. She also thinks that the application may take a month or so before approval. Anne Neumann suggested that we may expect October before an answer is received.  Erin Carpenter will send the check for the $200 when the bank account is set up.

Karen Collins discussed whereabouts of the donation checks proposed at last meeting to help fund that application.

Committee Chairs.

Erin Carpenter suggests that since we didn’t appoint committee chairs for committees. The committees should meet and come back to the group with their appointed chair.

Tony Dillon-Hansen motions that committees select their chairs and report back.
Unopposed vote.

Committee reports.

Events and fundraising.

Anne Neumann discussed emails about Rumbles and such.  They are formalizing the issues yet.


Tony Dillon-Hansen reported work on website that can be shared with committee as a mock up and noted social sites that were set up by Erin Carpenter and Tony Dillon-Hansen. The site information to be shared and request of feedback.


Anne Neumann talked to Alicia Ruiz that since we don’t have a strong direction until USAT that unsure of what to do.  Yet, they want to expand outside of the circle of people in the group. They offered to call and contact other clubs and suggested others do as well.  Tony Dillon-Hansen contacted Master Ashton in Iowa City. Erin Carpenter suggested funneling contacts through nominations committee.

Open forum.

Tony Dillon-Hansen asked to get club info from everyone for use in the website. Currently, the mockup is using only 2 clubs. He is asking for club name, address, website, and head instructor.  That information can be provided to his wpony76 at yahoo dot com email.

Erin Carpenter motions to adjourn.


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