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ITA Minutes — 11/29/2015

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ITA Minutes — 11/29/2015

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Meeting call at 6:26

Attendance included: Erin Carpenter, Karen Collins, Amy Ratekin, Scott Phelps, Jason Pak, Brandon Miller, Ryan Bishop, Mike Wickham, Tony Dillon-Hansen, Mark Ratekin. Chris Schear and Justin Faiferlick were on the phone.

Minutes accepted and approved.

Slate of candidates approved and elected as presented

Treasury pay outs for insurance and state qualifier fees

Total reported as 9950.98

14 club members

13 individuals members

3K for membership fees collected as reported by Ms Carpenter.

Discussion about prospective and cost of membership with respect to event entry fees.

State qualifier paperwork has been submitted and awaiting response from USAT. Feb 27th date set. Seminar options for coaching and referees.

Budget set for tournament ?

Rumble with a clinic Scott Fugi with (Rich or Phillip) and Simone with dietary. Suggested for April for time of event. April is NCTA and California qualifiers. Depends upon Pan-am tournament.

Feb 6th grassroots seminar date set. Location and time and who.

Merchandise discussion: queensborough. Or café press with close price points. Local people can be more expense. Product and customer service management requirements.

Athlete support: 300 each to Jordan & Taylor. Motioned and seconded with approval. Suggested to Develop an application process for future awards.

Athlete protection policy (safeSport) for events including tournaments and seminars. Tabled for email presentation and vote.

Nick Messersmith collegiate to get taekwondo as sport for NCAA. Include high school in the effort to get a sanctioned process/clubs.

Names for membership discussion.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:00pm

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