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ITA Minutes – 3/15/15

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ITA Minutes – 3/15/15

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3/15/15. Meeting begun at 8:03pm.
In attendance: Erin Carpenter, Karen Collins, Brandon Miller, Ryan Bishop, Mike Wickham, Scott Phelps, Amy Ratekin, Anne Neumann, Chris Schear.

Many thanks to Amy Ratekin for all her work to make the first Iowa State Championships a success.

Expense report was emailed out by Karen Collins. To clarify, the outstanding balances are uncashed checks. Master Ratekin kept a tight budget, and the whole team was dedicated to saving money which puts us in a good position to plan for next year. Should try to select a date as early as possible, and have everything in place by October/November.

Lessons from the state qualifier:
• Need to bring in a different Daedo system that is more up to date and has backup equipment.
• Next year may be a combo of Seth Wilson, Kevin Preuter and Nick Messersmith’s equipment and software.
• Also, need to plan for a better poomsae scoring system. Paper scoring will be way too slow for any more competitors than what we had.
•​ ​Should move the date back to a Saturday, not Sunday.
• Probably won’t be able to pair with Voorhees’ beginner tournament.
• Need more volunteers from other clubs (Will be easier with more lead time and a volunteer coordinator or sign-up system​.)​
• It was a good learning experience for athletes and coaches.

Next year (because of the Olympics) there will be a very tight schedule. It’s also an election year, and caucuses will be in early February. Master Ratekin thinks the last weekend of February (again) will probably be our best option. Also, should think about moving the referee seminar a week or two in advance.

​It’d be nice to have more local referee participation. Mike Wickham is doing lots of local seminars​​​ to bring people up to speed. Local instructors need to encourage more people to get certified.

Seminar in May:
• 2-day seminar is probably not ideal. 1 day will suffice if it’s jam-packed with information.
• Dan Rogers will teach poomsae. Team Phelps will do sparring.
​• Scott Phelps will provide a list of objectives for sparring. Erin Carpenter will provide a list of objectives for poomsae. Objectives will be general, but give potential participants an idea of what they’ll get out of the experience. Send objectives to Master Ratekin this week.
• There is a good demand for the Level 1 Coach Seminar, so we’ll go forward with that as a full-day option as well. ​
• Discussion of timetable: we will probably have participants with a variety of experience levels​, and some will just want poomsae or sparring. Youngsters and color belts may want both. Sparring only needs 3-4 hours, whereas poomsae could go on for days.

​Potentially we could schedule something like this:​
AM: beginner poomsae OR advanced sparring
PM advanced poomsae OR beginner sparring
All day: Coach Level 1 Seminar
​Which would allow for a thorough overview of poomsae, and the sparring class could be better tailored to the participants’ goals.

​Meeting ended at 9:23

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